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the daily struggles of a wannabe Londoner

Remember one of my first posts titled “things I learned while packing?” One of the things that I learned while packing for my semester abroad was “I suck at packing.” Well, here I am, two and a half months into my abroad experience, living proof that I really do suck at packing. Every day I find new things that I wish I had brought with me, or things that I realize I’ll never use here. Today, I’ll just focus on the things that I wish I had brought with me, because that list seems to be growing more and more every day. (If you didn’t already notice, I really like to make lists…)

Things I’m kicking myself for not bringing abroad:

1.) An umbrella. – I live in London. How was this not the first thing I packed?

2.) Rain resistant shoes – Again, I was moving to London. One pair of Sperry’s as my only waterproof pair of shoes was not a good idea. Here’s the thing, I know everyone that gave me advice on packing is going to say “i told you so” at this point, and maybe I deserve it. But my shoe choices before coming here were sooo stupid. I brought a pair of sandals (still glad I have those) my Sperry’s (glad I have them, but I hate wearing them with most of the pants that I wear on a daily basis) a pair of Sketcher’s Go-Walk (proud of myself for owning them, but I don’t wear them super often. I am still happy that I brought them, though) a pair of Target brand Ked-like sneakers (not at all waterproof, got super dirty my second week here and I’ve been considering throwing them away since I got here) and a pair of suede boots. (suede. you don’t wear suede in London! it rains here! duh… haven’t worn those more than once) so – bottom line here, for anyone considering studying abroad somewhere like London, learn from my mistakes – make better shoe choices than I did.

3.) More than one adapter – Choosing between a charged phone or laptop is not fun. Constantly playing the game of “how much time do I have before I have to plug this in” is never a good time. Thankfully, a couple of weeks ago I came across an abandoned one in our house otherwise I’d still be going crazy.

4.) More skinny jeans, less straight-leg jeans – Newsflash: straight-leg jeans are not a thing here. No one wears them. Ever. If straight-leg jeans were myspace, skinny jeans would be twitter. I only brought one pair of denim skinny jeans and wear them way too many times a week to be socially acceptable. I have one pair of black skinnies that I wear almost every other day that I don’t wear my denim pair. Also, I haven’t been able to find a pair in the stores here that fir me right. 1, I never learned the big number measurements. Still don’t get it, obviously. 2, online shopping is always a gamble. Life is hard being a girl.

5.) A real jacket – I thought, coming from going to school in the tundra that is North Dakota, I’d be fine without a real winter jacket. It doesn’t snow much here, and apparently to me, that means it also doesn’t get super cold here. I was wrong. Very wrong. So now I’ll have to go out and spend money on a jacket that I probably won’t have room for in my suitcase going home. Again, life is hard being a girl.


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