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The slum and the shopping mall

It says a lot about Buenos Aires, unfortunately, that I shot each of these video clips within walking distance of my host family’s apartment.

Most of the footage is shot from a train I take two days a week back from the farm where I volunteer.  Looking out the right window, you can see the high rises in my neighborhood.  To my left, past a barbed wire fence, you see  Villa 31, one of the biggest slums in the city.  It takes the continuously moving train about three minutes to pass the villa.

From Retiro, the city’s central train and bus station, I walk home past Patio Bullrich, one of the most expensive malls in the city.  I shot a little footage of the mall, and to give a less extreme image of the neighborhood, I also included some video I took riding the bus down a main avenue a few blocks away.  To me at least, Avenida Las Heras seems a lot more similar to the mall it does to the roads in Villa 31.

During a political science lecture last year, I learned that Latin America is the most unequal region in the world.  Living in this neighborhood, sadly, that’s not hard to believe.

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