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First week at Worcester

As of today, I’ve been at Oxford exactly one month! I’m a little behind on blogging, so I’m going to focus this post on the first week and get into further detail in laters posts!

For background, Oxford University is made up of 39 colleges. Everyone lives within their colleges and mainly hangs out with the other students in them. My
college, Worcester, has about 400 students, so it’s pretty small. Everyone lives
in dorms, called staircases, which share kitchens. Every student has a single with
their own shower and bathroom, which is unbelievably nice. Worcester
has the most extensive grounds of any college, and a reputation for being fun and friendly, which has definitely proven to be true! The buildings are really cool and there’s a beautiful lake that I walk around every day. The weather thus far has been amazing, not extremely cold and not too much rain!

The first week was called Fresher’s Week, and it was basically a week long
orientation for us (the JYAs—Junior Year Abroad) and the freshers. The week was made up of various inductions, fancy dinners, garden parties, and club nights. It was extremely exhausting but so fun at the same time.

The social things at Worcester is one of my favorite things thus far. Worcester has its own bar on campus, so I go there most nights to play darts, request embarrassing American music that I definitely get judged for, and catch up with friends. After the bar, some nights my friends and I go to one of the various clubs around Oxford. While the whole clubbing thing isn’t my favorite, it’s super fun to go, dance, and meet people from other colleges.

On the first Saturday was college-wide tea parties. One of my favorite Oxford traditions is the concept of college families. Every second year gets college married to their best friend, and then they are assigned college children—three or four freshers or JYAs who make up your family. So these tea parties were hosted by each of our parents. Before meeting my parents, I had been assured that they were some of the most fun parents and that I would love them, and they were right. The tea parties were really fun, and it was great to get to know second years, who are a bit closer to my own age! The tea party was followed by the first college bop of the term–basically just a party in the bar, which was also a blast!

This post was focused on the social life, but the next will focus on the other aspect of Worcester that takes up most of my time–school work.


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