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Living in a host family

Coming to Mexico with IFSA-Butler, the first semester you will only be able to live with a host family, while the second semester you can decide whether you want to live by yourself or with a host family.

Even though I had the choice to live with my friends for the second semester, I chose to stay with my host family. They are such loving people and I never felt like a stranger in their house.

Staying with a host family is a wonderful experience because they care for you like your real family but at the same time you can experience becoming more responsible and independent. Since I’ve met my host family for the first time, they have accepted me as a part of their family. Every week my host family would tell me that it feels like I’m another daughter of theirs and my host mom doesn’t want to think about the day that I’m leaving back to the US. My host mom would treat me just like her own daughter, fix holes in my clothes, gossip at the dinner table, and talk about everything I would talk about with my own mom.

I live with a wonderful lady called Silvia and her husband Raul. One of their sons sometimes comes to visit with his two sons, and we would sit at the table and talk and laugh. The two boys are hilarious and often too shy to say hi to me. They would hide behind the door and blush. But once they overcome their shyness they would hug me and smile.

My host mom always gives me rides when I need to get somewhere, she would call taxis for me and triple check their numbers and write them down on a piece of paper, so that she can be sure that I’m save.

Of course I also have to do some things on my own, like my laundry and my personal shoppings. This gives you some personal space and makes you feel more independent, while at the same time you know that you have your host family if you don’t know which bus to take, which brand to buy, or what cellphone service to purchase.

Even though I could have lived with my friends and probably have fiestas almost every day, I decided to stay with my host family because they can be fun too and they care for me just like my own parents.

When I get back from classes, the delicious lunch is already on the table. When I have Internet problems, my host mom will call to get the Internet fixed asap. When I need to go somewhere real fast, she will take me in her car immediately.

There are just so many advantages of living with a host family, and as much as I liked my time living on campus I always missed this feeling of coming home and having someone who wants to hear about your day. And another advantage of my host family is that they have a beautiful house at the beach where they would take me with them on weekend trips to enjoy chilling in the pool and going to the beach :)

PS: This is a photo of my host family and me and the boy who stayed with them 2 years ago (he came to visit them because he as well had such an amazing time living with them :))


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