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El Pueblo Fantasma – Misnebalam

Misnebalam is a small pueblo just outside Merida. On one of my last nights in Merida during the first semester it was time to say bye to a bunch of friends, who were returning to the US while I would go back to Germany for summer vacation. It was very sad to have to say goodbye because I’ve made so many friends from all over the world and we became really close.

So we met up in a bar, but soon decided that with all the noise it wasn’t a nice way of saying goodbye. Two of my friends had a car and offered to take us to the beach where we could talk in a nicer atmosphere and enjoy the beach one more time before leaving. On the way to the beach one of my friends from Merida pointed out that there is a very famous ghost town on the way to the beach and it’s name is Misnebalam.

We were all tempted to check it out and so we went off the highway and turned into a squetchy little land road. There was literally nothing around us but fields and endless darkness because it was already about 10pm. After driving for a bit we finally reached the first houses. But no one was there. There was no light, no people, nothing. Just empty houses. Suddenly we saw a big school building and a few lights moving. We weren’t sure who was there so I got off the car and asked. The lights came moving towards us from the distance and soon we saw that it was 5 people with cameras and heavy equipment. They told us they were from a show called Evidencia Paranormal and were trying to find the ghost of a little boy who was assumed to have lived there before he took his own life.

That sounded pretty creepy to us but it also sounded like a perfect adventure before saying goodbye. So we asked to join the group of men and women and they let us participate under the condition that we keep extremely quiet unless we see or feel something paranormal. To be honest I didn’t really think we were going to find anything out there, but I swear once we entered the building it starting getting much colder all of a sudden and we could feel the wings of bat flying by our heads.

They had several devices which they let us use. For example they gave me one little device that could measure electromagnetic energies. They told me that whenever a presence approached, I would see green lights lighting up. I tried it out in my hand and moved it a bit and didn’t get any signal. Suddenly the guy from the show yelled to the ghost and asked him to come into our middle. The machine creepily started flashing up. Then we would all hold hands and yell: “MANIFIESTATE!” while the guy separated me from the hand of a friend and told me that the ghost was coming through.

True or not, it was such a creepy and at the same time amazing experience and we had so much to talk about once we left the place. When we got in the car, the mirror on the left side of the car was hanging loosely from the side (even though I have to admit it was a veeeeery old car :)). And since the town was completely abandoned we left in a hurry though not all of us actually believed in ghosts.

Misnebalam is famous and many people have come there to film ghost videos. If you type it in on youtube you will find some evidence. Apparently, about 20 years ago the town was abandoned in a rush. Everybody had packed up and left in a hurry, which explains why all the buildings look like people still live there. It was an incredible experience and we were fortunate to have a video to remember everything. Here is the link to the youtube video. Enjoy :)


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