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Thanksgiving Dinner: A Chance to Say Goodbye

Last week was our last full week of classes. This week was all tests and collecting grades. Friday was our farewell party hosted by our IFSA Costa Rica program coordinators the incredible Tracy and Teresita at Teresita´s fabulous house in the hills.

It was a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, a few weeks early. Costa Rica doesn´t celebrate Thanksgiving so  it was something special to have one in my new country. They cooked a turkey, made gravy and mashed potatoes, provided home made cranberry sauce! And two pies, homemade pies, pumpkin and pecan. With ice cream.

There was a minor dance party during which a lot of moves only performed by drunks were displayed by the stone-cold sober. A failed attempt to say what we were thankful for in Spanish, I think we only made it through three people before we got distracted. We got our t-shirts (an awesome design by our very own Chelsea Paine). Took lots of pictures. Some of us played with Teresita´s many cats and dogs. Watched a slide show of pictures taken over our 4.5 months.

I can´t believe its almost over.


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