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Chile’s got it all

People here are always asking me things like, “Why did you choose to study in Chile?” or “Why do you like it here so much?”

Well, there are a lot of answers to those questions and some more answers that I couldn’t even really express, but one of them has got to be the mind-blowing beauty and diversity of the landscape. This is unique because Chile is a funny looking country. It’s a long skinny sliver of land that’s about 24 times as long as it is wide and fits very awkwardly on maps, but because of that it’s got a little slice of almost every climate zone you could think of. I don’t know much about geography, but I’ve thought pretty hard about what type of climate/ landform doesn’t exist in Chile and I can’t think of a single thing. It’s got the world’s driest desert, the Andes mountains, the Pacific Ocean, lakes, rivers, glaciers, waterfalls, sand dunes, and the list goes on and on. The adventuring possibilities are literally endless. In this post, I’ll give a very brief overview of some of the things I’ve seen and done in the great outdoors, and there’ll be lots of pictures so YAY!

1. The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile: AKA the driest desert on Earth. Ya’ll excited yet? This place is dry. I visited for 5 days and when I came back it took about a week and a half for the moisture to return to my lips and hands. A small price to pay because the landscape there is absolutely stunning.

Valle de la Muerte

Valle de la Luna at sunset

Laguna Cejar – the saltiest lake on Earth. Everything white is salt! And clearly it’s pretty floatable.

Geisers at the top of an old volcano




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