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My Neighborhood Ancient Ruins

My past two Saturdays here in Lima have been spent at some pretty incredible sites.  First, our group visited the Huaca Pucllana, located in the center of Miraflores.  The Huaca was a central ceremonial and administrative site for the Lima tribe.  This structure is filled with plazas in which the community held various religious ceremonies and celebrations.  It was also the location of the human sacrifices the performed to their goddess.  The Lima were savvy engineers, as they built this structure to be earthquake proof.  As you can see in the video, the bricks are vertical not horizontal.  They also have no grout between them, only empty space which allows the bricks to move back and forth during an earthquake, leaving the structure intact.  According to the archiologist who gave us the tour, the Huaca looks like Jello during an earthquake.

Last Saturday, we drove about an hour out of Miraflores to Pachacamac.  This site has many pyramids.  It was inhabited by 4 cultures, the first being the Lima tribe and the last being the Incas.  The first structure we saw was the home of the “chosen women” who worked making chicha and who would later be sacrificed.  Second, we saw one of 16 or so pyramids built by the the Huari (…I think).  Each pyramid was built for each new ruler.  Once the Incas were in charge, they used these pyramids as dumps.  We saw various other pyramids, but the most impressive was El Templo del Sol.  We got a view of the beautiful ocean and the sun came out just in time.  It was a lovely way to end our visit.

On the way back towards Miraflores, we stopped for chicharrones which is a sandwich of fried pork, sweet potato and onions.  As we approached this stretch of restaurants or chicharronerias, representatives of every restaurant approached our van with pieces of chicharrón on a fork.  They knocked on the windows and offered us samples in the hopes of luring us to their eateries.  It was pretty funny.

Next week, I’ll be attending a symposium called “Finding a Path to Peace Through Equality and Inclusion” with my host mom.  Also, next Thursday we leave for Cuzco and Macchu Pichu!  I am beyond excited.


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