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A New Kind of Craic

For some as of yet unexplainable reason, I have been extremely resistant to conforming to the Irish youth’s idea of fun: clubbing. I have never really liked dancing, both because of the surrounding atmosphere and because I’m the least rhythmical person I know. I also abhor the prospect of having my arse slapped by a stranger who is foolish enough to think my body is just something for him to grope and grind on. Call me old-fashioned, but I just think a Saturday night well-spent is one with a good book and a warm cuppa.

But last Thursday I tried something new because, after all, why else did I come to Ireland if not to have new and oftentimes unusual experiences? Turns out, clubbing can be fun if you’re with the right people and, more importantly, in the right mood. I danced, I sang, I drank, I ate (over-priced) chips on the steps of a government building, and I walked…and walked…and walked. And overall I had a surprisingly great time! And it only took me 2 months to realize that trying new things doesn’t have to arouse discomfort. I’m learning, I’m evolving, and I’m experiencing; and that’s exactly why I came to Ireland.


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