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Chile’s got it all 2

In my last post I promised pictures of the various places I have visited and showed a whopping 1 place. Here are the rest:

2. Norte Chico – Geographically beneath the Atacama Desert. This part of the country is still very dry and deserty, but valleys between the hills are green and filled with Pisco plants and other crops. It is also very rich in minerals.

3. 5th Region: Home sweet home. These pictures are from in and around Viña del Mar and Valparaíso where I live. Besides the ocean there are sand dunes, mountains, forests and lots more.

4. Pucon: the top of Patagonia. Unlike the Northern region, Pucon is lush, wet, and green with beautiful lakes, rivers, and waterfalls that provide for great views and lots of fun. Oh and there are volcanoes too.

5. Chiloé – Chile’s largest island located a little south of Pucon. It’s its own world with green, rolling hills; quaint cottages; and lots of sheep. The ocean also plays an important roll here as there’s a large fishing community and plenty of seafood to be eaten.

6. Patagonia: the deep south. This was my last big trip of the semester and I got to head down the Punto Arenas, the southern most continental city in the world, and hike for 4 days through Torres del Paine National Park. Patagonia is amazing; it’s wild and aggressive and awe-inspiring. You can see giant mountains, glaciers, trees that practically lay on the ground from the effect of high winds, and lakes of many different colors. I’d call it the definition of un-tamed.

So that is Chile. It of course isn’t a complete summary of everything you can see here, but I was very lucky to be able to see so much environmental diversity this semester along with experiencing a new culture. Chile is an unforgettable piece of the earth and has inspired me to keep traveling and see even more. It’s worth a visit!


P.S. – A good number of the pictures included are not ones I took personally since my camera broke at various points of the semester and I lost it towards the end. They’re pictures taken by various other friends in my program.


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