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Vocabulary no one Thought to Teach you

My first few weeks were littered with everyday words I never ran into in Spanish class.  I decided I would compile a list of some of these terms to help out future students.

Acá : here, far more common than aquí

Mae : slang, similar to “bro”

Mora : blackberry, more general term for berries of that type including raspberry, etc.

Amaneció – amanecer : literally to rest, “¿Cómo amaneció?” is a common question in the morning, “how did you sleep?”

Con gusto : your welcome, also “con mucho gusto” they do not use “de nada”

Mucho gusto : nice to meet you, used when first meeting someone or as a good bye after the first meeting

Plata : money

Típica : used for traditional food, dance, dress, music, etc.

Lectura : written assignment for a class

Perdón : “lo siento” is very strong, this is used to apologize for nearly everything

Sombrilla : umbrella, don’t forget yours!

Tener sueno : to be tired

Provecho : bon apétit

Esoooo : Yes! That’s it! or similar exclamations

Que dicho : Cool!, How lucky!

La matrícula – matricular : registration, to register

Clave – contraseña : password

Ahorita : anytime from 15 minutes to an hour

They also use the diminutive obsessively. gatito, poquito, pequinito, ratito, cafécito. The ending is adjusted to match gender.

They also use Voz. They almost exclusively use usted for “you”. However in close personal relationships they use voz instead of tu. Tu I almost never used. My host sister used voz with me but she was the only one.



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