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Cardiff University

I think its time I talk about the University I’ve been studying at for the past couple of months since I haven’t mentioned it at all yet which I feel guilty about knowing how much I love it. To my belief, Cardiff University is truly one of the best universities in the U.K. The campus is beautiful with the many regal buildings which were once used for the capital government organizations. Now the buildings hold many of the classes that I attend. Right now on-site, the flower arrangements all round campus and in the center garden are breathtaking. The visual appeal that Cardiff University has got me hooked right away but it has much more to offer.

The instructors that I’ve had in my six courses for the semester have been very informing and more than willing to answer any question I may have. With the structure of the U.K. education system, I am expected to become a scholar and research the topics that are discussed in class by reading articles and books of numerous authors to appreciate multiple viewpoints of the topic. This allows me to understand the subject at hand to the fullest extent.

When on comes to study in Cardiff,  you will have many opportunities that will allow you to become a better person. You will have the opportunity to become more globally aware while having the chance to learn more about your focus of study through a different cultural perspective. A decision to study in Wales will help you to become a much more open-minded and enlightened person overall. I believe that the best learning occurs when one is out in the world and experiencing what it has to offer first hand. With a semester abroad at Cardiff University, you will be given that opportunity.

My heart is set on completing a semester at Cardiff knowing that I can rise above the hardships that will occur and grow from them. Making sure not to take any moment of the journey for granted, I try to appreciate everything that the local and surrounding cultures of Cardiff have to offer and value the education lessons that are provided inside the classrooms and elsewhere. I’m really not a spokesperson for Cardiff University but I would encourage anyone a little interested in going to Cardiff to definitely go!!


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  1. Todd Says:

    Happy Birfday missey!!! Your gandpa Hub would be so excited by your exploits, and proud of you… us too!

  2. FoxJudsf Says:

    Good, interesting article, but where took information?

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