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en route to London: my life in a suitcase

Being faced with one big suitcase, a tiny red suitcase and the command that I could only fill that much — getting these things to London and back would be quite expensive- the reality check that I cannot bring the old t-shirts from various high school and college events was heartbreaking. After about 8 re-evaluations of what I have in my suitcase, I finally came on top with 2 bags that are barely under the max weight. =) success.

but now that i am here… I realize you need loads and loads of dark, mostly black clothes. Way more formal and urban/hipster than what I am used in Clemson, which is a southern school in South Carolina. An analogy for you, boots and booties would be the ice cream to the sundae. A light boyfriend blazer or biker jacket take part of the banana of the banana split. Scarfs, leggings, and flats make up the chocolate fudge, now if you have the right handbag-the cherry on top, you’d make the perfect banana split. Now that’s my fashion advice to you guys who are stressed about what to pack.

video is still a work in process. i am having a hard time uploading them for some reason. but it is coming soon.


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