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a visit from my “unofficial” tea & crumpet list

In case you’ve forgotten, are too lazy to go alllll the way back to August, or just didn’t care enough to read it in the first place, here is my “unofficial” tea & crumpet list. (to find out why I called it that, you’ll actually have to revisit the blog post) Anyway. I figure, since I have almost exactly a month left in London, I should address this and let everyone in on what I’ve accomplished thus far.

1. Enter a red phone booth.┬áIf it’s even possible to make a phone call in one still, call someone. I actually have not done this yet. Obviously, I’ve walked past hundreds, but still have yet to go inside of one. Honestly, they look a lot more germy than I pictured them… I still hope to do this before I leave. Maybe on my way to the airport in a month…

2. See Big Ben. Take a cheesy tourist photo. Done and done. Multiple times. Except I wouldn’t call my photos cheesy or touristy, they’re just pictures of it. I haven’t gotten in front of the camera and pretended to lean on it… yet.

3. Ride a double-decker bus. After midnight, buses are the only mode of transportation home. So I checked this one off within days of being in London.

4. See Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, or The Queen. Or all four. Or just someone famous. (Unrealistic? Maybe. Do i care? Not one bit.) Alrighty. Here’s the tricky one. Obviously, I haven’t seen anyone royal yet. Nor do I really plan on it… Although Will & Kate did just move into the palace down the street from me… Buuuuut. Within the past week, I have seen my fair share of famous people. I originally meant this to mean that I would have to see them just walking down the street casually. Although I have juuuust missed people (Anna Kendrick… I cried inside. She was in the tube station right down my street) I haven’t actually seen anyone just out and about. This past weekend, there was a lighting ceremony on Regent Street in central London where I SAW TWO OF THE SPICE GIRLS PERFORM (baby spice & sporty spice) I also saw Passenger that night too. But let’s go back to the Spice Girls. If my 10 year-old self would have been told that I’d see them live in London someday, she literally would have peed her pants. That was probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me here in London. Next, the world premier of Catching Fire was in London tonight. Just a quick 20 minute tube ride away. After everyone got done with class, we ventured into Leicester Square and did some hard-core creeping. Definitely tied for first place as the most surreal experiences. Now all I have to do is actually see the movie…

5. Perfect my British accent.Along with that; be able to use “bloody” as an adjective in a sentence without feeling/sounding completely ridiculous. (this may be a stretch, but a girl can dream) I haven’t actually spent that much time with real British people (besides my professors) so I can’t say I’ve checked this one off yet.

6. Travel! So far, I’ve made it to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Toulon, and Nice. Within the next month, I will return to Barcelona for a full weekend, and then make my way north to Norway. I think I can check this one off the list.

7. Go to a pub. (this may not seem very exciting or extreme to some people, but ever since P.S. I Love You, I’ve always wondered if they’re all actually as cute and romantic as they were in the movie… Guess I’ll find out.) Some are just as cute as they are in the movies. Others, pretty average. But either way, obviously I can say that this one has been accomplished.

8. Go to afternoon tea. I’m not even sure that I like tea… But, when in Rome… (or London..) We had a real tea party in our garden the first week that we were here that all of the IFSA students from around London came and mingled while eating little desserts and drinking tea. (I didn’t actually drink any tea… they had diet coke, how was I supposed to pass that up?) I did do my fair share of snacking and let me tell you, some of them were delicious. Not all of them though. Not all of them. (I still don’t know what the definition of a crumpet is though…) I can’t believe how fast my time here has gone. I remember starting this list in the middle of the summer thinking about how long it would be until I was actually going to be doing these things. Now, its almost over. I guess time really does fly while you’re having fun…


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