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Leaving for London

(Posted much later due to lack of strong internet signal)

It’s 7:00pm, the fourteenth of September. I’m writing this while I’m sitting at the airport terminal in Newark, waiting for the plane to start boarding. There’s no free internet connection, so I’ll have to wait till I find one in London. We’ve already been told that the plane is an hour behind schedule, so I have some three hours till boarding at the least. Plenty of time to sit here and contemplate what awaits me.

Leaving so much behind is hard. Your parents don’t want you to leave for your gate; they can only follow you so far before a security barrier stops them and they’re allowed no further. After that, they’re not going to see you for months, and with those last few hugs it’s really difficult to let go. Then there’s all of the friends you’re leaving back home. While you’re gone, life is going to move on without you; you’ll be coming back to changes that you weren’t there to witness happen.

I’m personally going to be missing the birth of my baby niece, my brother’s first child. She’s due any day now, but I won’t be able to see her in person until she’s nearly four months old. At the same time, I can’t help worrying about my aging grandfather, and the now elderly dog who has been my companion since I was a child.  I’ve worried about them in the past when I went off to college, but then I could always make it home within a few hours if need be. Now, I’ll be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Still, I wouldn’t give up this chance for anything. I wish the plane would come sooner, so I could arrive in London and begin my adventure there already. Yes, I may be missing out on all the fun that my friends are having in the US, but they’re also missing out on the fun of my adventures as well. While I’m worried about my family, I know that they wouldn’t want me to not go. They support me all the way, and enthusiastically keep texting me last minute updates on souvenirs that they want me to buy for them; my grandfather wants a double-decker bus magnet.


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