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Thinking of You, Wherever You Are

I’ve been counting down the days until I go back home – not because I’m tired of Edinburgh, but because though I’ve been having an amazing time here and I was wishing that my friends and family could know what an eye-opening experience it has been for me. I’ve only got one more month left here in the United Kingdom; part of me is happy for that, part of me doesn’t want to leave at all… but I know there are people back in the states waiting for my return.

Since I’ve been gone, I’ve felt the love for my family grown – quite a bit actually. Never, in the most cob-webbed, dustiest corner of my imagination would I have thought that my dad would get a Skype account, let alone a Facebook account. Everyone has been making an effort to keep me in their thoughts; my mom is constantly checking up on how my finances are doing, and my brothers have been communicating news to me from the States.

I really miss them. I’ve been thinking a lot about how far I am from my family, and how much I’ve grown because of them, and how much I’ve grown without them. It’s funny how being away from something makes you appreciate it more. It makes me sad that I’m here by myself, sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on my over-priced coffee while my family awaits for my return. They’ve all been incredibly supportive of my journey – each of my brothers sending me money – even when I don’t ask them for any. Whenever I set off on a new journey, I think a lot about where I came from, and how I got here; and then I think about how much my family would have loved to see the sights that I’m seeing, eat the food that I’m eating, enjoy the sun that I’m soaking in. I’m looking forward to going home and hugging the bejeezus out of my lil bros when I get back and play some hardcore Mario Party!

As for my friends, they have all been keeping tabs on where I’ve been and where my ┬ánext destinations will be. I’m thankful, because though I’ve been gone for so long, I still have so many friends asking me how I’m doing, when I’ll get back, when we can hang out again. They’re all happy for me, but I’m also wishing they were here with me.

I can certainly wait to go home, but I also can’t wait to go home.


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  1. Rhonda J. Hinkle Says:

    I am glad that you have had such an incredible experience. It seems that everyone’s encouragement has helped you have a successful study abroad experience. Hopefully, you can encourage others to stop out of their comfort zone and pursue opportunities like study abroad. Good luck!

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