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Final Exam: Life

The end of semester whirlwind has swept us up and tossed us around a bit. We pushed our puréed craniums through the final set of exams, waited ashen-faced for our grades,  and arduously packed our luggage which seemed to expand to several times their size and weight. We had one last shindig with IFSA– a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Teresita´s house. On the last day, we bawled shamelessly  (well, some of us did) as we were saying our last goodbyes to our host families. Costa Rica is soon to be a wistful memory instead of our pura vida realidad. For most of us. For three of us, Costa Rica will still be suffering our white gringo buns a little while longer.

Luckily for me, I´m not the only lunatic who decided to stay for the academic year. Aaron and Kaitlyn are my compatriots. They are a lovely married couple from Portland, Oregon, and possibly the chillest people to be stuck with for a year. Throughout the semester, whether through pure desperation for English and American culture or through actual chemistry, we became fast friends. With them, I became the third wheel… in our awesome gringo tricycle! ka

While everybody else was suffering through exams, we were torturing ourselves in the search for affordable living for the break. During the vacation between semesters, our host families weren´t required to give us housing. We could negotiate prices to live with them, but I will suffice in saying that the negotiation didn´t work out so well. So, we decided to look for an apartment together!

This was our real Final Exam for Spanish- real life application. Over the past three weeks we drudged all of Heredia for an appropriate gringo shack, bought a menagerie of living necessities, and in general accustomed ourselves to the thought of surviving Costa Rica on our own for two and a half months. So far, we have aced the test! I think we may have even earned extra credit.


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