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Thinking Ahead

As an undergraduate student in my final year of study, I’m getting ever anxious about returning back to the States. During my time at the University of Edinburgh, I’ve taken on a number of courses in Philosophy, English and Psychology – so a wide variety of subjects. An area of interest of mine has always been involved with a mixture of these; likewise, during my time here, I’ve decided to take on Psychology courses regarding consciousness.

Though I’m definitely not a complete stranger to this realm of discussion, I’m still relatively new to the scene. The two courses I’m taking involve mind and body, as well as perceptual awareness in regard to consciousness. I’ve never taken Psychology courses like these before (as my home university did not offer any of the sort), so it’s been a lot of delving into unknown territory. However, I’ve been drawn more and more towards the study of Psychology in a therapeutic sense.

Just this previous summer, I had taken an introductory course to counseling. I entered this new school year thinking that perhaps that is something I may consider in the future. So imagine the pleasant surprise I received when I learned that my Mind, Body and Consciousness course lecturer was someone highly interested in counseling and therapeutic listening/hearing. Furthermore, my Mind, Body and Consciousness course revealed to me a phenomenological stance of Psychology that I hadn’t considered before (I had always imagined I’d continue to trek in the familiar territories of cognitive, developmental and social psychology).

Similarly, my current Consciousness and Perceptual Awareness course has been rife with discussion about clinical research in patients who may not be exhibiting behavioral signs of awareness, but may still have some sort of residual conscious processing. Thinking ahead, I had always considered continuing education in graduate school and doing some clinical research. Though still uncertain, I think this path’s appeal is reopening itself to me, and I hope it goes in a positive direction!

Honestly, the possibilities are endless! But between my English, Psychology and Philosophy courses, I still feel like there is so little that I have uncovered in context of the greater information to be absorbed. I’m definitely considering graduate school at some point in the future, but where – who knows? I’ve attended some info sessions about graduate school information, but I’ve yet to decide on anything definite – which, of course, is a bit nerve-wrecking!

I’ll be walking down the graduation aisle this May and can hardly wait. For now, I think I will continue to contemplate the infinite choices that have yet to be made!


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