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The weather

I have been in Merida for 2 semesters now. At the beginning of the first semester my host mom took me to buy an umbrella. During the entire 1st semester (January-May) I only needed it once. If you are from a very rainy or cold place, you will love Merida. Tons of sun and lots of beach to get tanned.

The spring semester was very warm and the sun was shining every day. All of the families offer their IFSA kids a bed as well as a hammock. I think the hammock was the 1st biggest surprise to me when I arrived in Merida, and now it’s already part of my everyday routine. Everyone in our group was scared of sleeping in a hammock because they might fall at night. However, the hammocks your host family own are of great quality and huge!!! The hammocks, which btw you can buy all over Merida and in many different colors and designs, actually come in many different sizes. There are even hammocks for couples.

Hammocks are great especially once the summer is approaching. It will get very hot in Merida – we’ve had 105 Degrees Fahrenheit at times. You will appreciate any open window in a moving bus, going to the beach, and of course your hammock because you feel much less hot laying in your hammock at night than laying in your bed. They are actually very comfortable because they take the shape of your back. I was told that for people with back problems they are the idea solution.

In the summer I wasn´t in Mexico because I did an internship back in Germany, but once I arrived in Merida at the end of August, my host mom Silvia had told me that it had been unbearably hot. You can tell that Global Warming is kicking in because all around the year it has been very hot and she said those temperatures are not normal. The first weeks back in Merida, during August and September it was very very hot in Merida. I mean I don´t want to complain because I’m from Germany and there it rains a lot and it gets very cold. But I had to ask my host mom for a second fan because the nights were so hot that I couldn´t sleep. Now it’s November and finally the temperatures are nicer. Even though the sun is still hot when you’re walking outside, at night your room won’t heat up as much and it is much nicer to sleep. You might not even need a fan.

Some host families will have ACs in your room, but they don’t usually turn them on because of the electricity bill. The electricity in Mexico is one of the most expensive things. However, if you talk to your host family they will usually allow you to turn it on for a bit. I’ve survived without the AC though and it’s been great not to sleep with two blankets like I would in Germany right now. (The classrooms in the Facultad the Antropología also have AC, however in the Business school they do not. Usually the classes there are in the afternoon/evening though, so it doesn’t matter as much.)

The summer is usually hurricane season, but according to my host mom there hasn’t been a single hurricane in Merida for I think about 15 years. And the years before when the hurricane hit, nothing really happened. The host families houses are save and they know the drill. In August and September we did have quite a lot of rain though. Which of course wasn´t all too bad after sweating lots. With the rain it would still be warm outside and after a few hours the sun would return. As long as you have an umbrella you will be fine. Since the streets don’t soak up the water well it would be great if you could bring your rain boots if you’re planning to study abroad in the fall. Unfortunately I don’t own any and so my feet got a bit wet sometimes.

Even though sometimes the temperatures were really warm I have to say that this is exactly what I had been looking for. Sometimes I talk to my mom on Skype and a few days ago she told me that it is already snowing in some parts of Germany and that it is raining all the time. Whenever I hear that I am so glad that I chose sunny Merida! Besides all my friends back home are very jealous of my tan! :) Just bring some sun screen and hats and you will love it here!


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