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Classes at the UADY

The UADY consists of many different facultades. The first semester when you get to Merida you will have to take a Spanish course at the IFSA office. I absolutely loved my Spanish class because it helped me practice my Spanish a lot and my teacher was a very funny and actually famous guy because he sings the opening songs for some Telenovelas that every Mexican woman watches day in and out. For those of you who don´t know, Telenovelas are very dramatic TV series that are on TV all day long. Usually they tend to attract the female gender, but last semester there was one male student who loved watching Telenovelas with his “abuela de aqui” and gossiping about the characters of the show. They had a great relationship and it was very cute how excited he got when he talked about “Abuela”.

Also you will have to take a class called CEP. That class is also taught at the IFSA office (which is close to your host family’s house) and you will learn about how to enjoy your study abroad experience to the fullest, how to overcome culture shocks, how to adapt to new situations while studying abroad, etc. Diana and her husband teach the class and always bring delicious cake to class. It’s fun and also great because everyone in the group gets together and we can interchange our stories and experiences.

When you come to Merida you should make sure to not have very strict requirements from your school. I know that all my friends came here being able to experiment with different classes from different carreras and had a great time taking photography or tourism classes. However, I’m a double major in Intl. Studies and Spanish with a minor in Business and I’m a senior now. So I needed very precise classes. The UADY does offer many interesting classes, but probably not as many as your home university does. I would try to look into which classes you will need to take before coming here, just so you can be very prepared. Diana has helped me a lot though and I’ve gotten into all of the classes I needed.

The Psychology faculty and the Tourism faculty are right next to the Anthropology faculty. This is probably where you will take the majority of your classes. The Psychology faculty is brand new. I’ve never been inside but it looks very fancy from the outside. The Business, Science and Medicine faculties are in different places of the city though. I absolutely love the Business faculty and have made lots of great friends there. I would say that it is generally a little bit more laid back than the Antropología and the students there just love to party. Each faculty has its own character, but if you are thinking about taking a Business class, definitely tell Diana that you want to take it at the FCA (which is the Business, Accounting and Economics faculty). Some of the economics classes are also taught at the Antropología, but it’s really great to attend two faculties and make many more friends than you would by just studying at one faculty.

Generally the classes are very interesting and you DO need to study and do your homework, but the teachers are also very helpful and know that Spanish is not your first language. They will help you anytime and go easy on you. This semester I’ve taken two literature classes, one history class, 1 archaeology class and one finance class. I’ve worked quite a lot, but definitely also learned a lot. And I could always count on my Mexican friends to help me with whatever questions I had.

So my advice is that if you don’t have a very tight schedule, definitely try out some of the photography and tourism classes. I only heard good things about them! The literature classes are great and interesting, but you will have to read a lot and I’m sure that once you’re n Progresso at the beach you don’t want to take your Spanish Medieval Literature book along. Try to enjoy the semester to the fullest and go on lots of weekend trips because you will see that one semester is over in no time. I wish I could stay longer, but I’ve already been here two semesters and in May I will already graduate from my university in Texas. It’s been a wonderful experience and I’m so happy that I decided to come here!


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