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Finals are approaching :(

This is the time of the year when you are the busiest. Lots of coffee and sleepless nights. Finals are approaching and I have to handle about 3 exams and 5 essays in 3 weeks. I’ve been studying a lot and meeting at Starbucks with my friends almost every day. Even though we’re studying, I enjoy spending my last weeks hanging out with them. The last nights I haven’t been getting lots of sleep though, but my host mom takes good care of me. Once I finished all the coffee in the house and it was already 10pm, she asked me if I needed more for the night. Having to finish my essay at night I nodded, but I felt bad because it was already so late and I didn´t want to make her feel obliged to go out and get me more coffee. Without me asking her though she immediately offered to go to a store and buy me some new coffee.

In the next days I still have a lot of plans, but also need to handle my exams. I definitely once more want to go to the town called Yaxunah (which I talked about in another blog entry) and say by to my little friends there. We have been talking on Facebook and I’m very sad that probably I won’t see them in a long time. I also invited my sponsored child Chepe to come visit me one more time. There is a fair in town that I would love to go to. They have horse and dolphin shows as well as rollercoasters and shooting boosts. I’m sure he will enjoy it because probably it is his first time seeing something like that.

I will also need to say bye to my friends within the next weeks, and that will probably be the saddest part. We all have a shirt that says “Amistades para siempre” and I don’t doubt it. I’m sure we’re all going to be in contact with each other even after I leave. You really get attached to them though after two semesters.

And then I also need to say bye to my host family. I’m going to give them a frame with a photo of us and invite them to a wonderful German restaurant here in Merida. They have been wanting to taste the food of my country for so long, and so on one of our last nights together I will invite them for dinner. I’m sure it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye because my host mom still tells me every day how similar I am to her real daughter and that sometimes she forgets that I’m not actually her daughter. Knowing that I’m leaving soon, she has been hugging me every day with a sad look on her face, but we will definitely stay in touch, not only for all the delicious recipes she promised to send to me by Email.


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