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Mexico and SOCCER!

Mexico is absolutely in love with soccer. It is the number one national sport and I don’t know any Mexican person who doesn’t love soccer. As you might know, a few days ago Mexico was in danger of not qualifying for the world cup in Brazil. The atmosphere was crazy around here. We were watching some of the games at school. At FCA they have some TVs so large flocks of students would stand around, yelling and cheering for their country. They were very serious because they couldn’t allow their team not to quality for the world cup because that would be a great shame to them. Before one of the deciding games, a small boy was shown on TV. The reporter asked him what he would do if Mexico wasn’t going to win, and he (probably 5 years old) answered: Que se mueran!

On the day of important soccer games you would see that some of the teachers at the UADY wouldn’t show up for class. Obviously soccer means a big deal to them.

Also in my host family soccer is very important. My host dad is actually fan of the German national team, so in the summer I got him a German jersey which he wears with pride. But he also cheers for the Mexican team, the “Tri” as they say because of the three colors of the flag and the team’s jersey. Sometimes we would watch the games while eating dinner, all of us in our Mexican jerseys.

Mexican soccer is a part of the Mexican identity. Everyone has their favorite team. The most famous teams are America and Chivas. I’m a devoted Chivas fan. They are an amazing team that’s 100% Mexican and has the most titles in the country. America is the rival and once they face each other, it’s like all of Mexico just suddenly stands still. Everyone will be in restaurants or bars watching the game.

I love soccer and I especially love Mexican soccer. And I love being here in Merida and being able to share that passion, while watching the games with my friends while wearing my Mexican jersey! Definitely a great experience if you are a soccer lover :)

Here is a picture of my boyfriend and me in front of the Chivas stadium in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico!


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