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Internationality at the UADY

The UADY is a very international school. I made friends with lots of Chinese, Japanese, American, German, French, Swiss, Argentinian and Spanish students, as well as with students from all over Mexico. It’s nice to have so many international friends because you learn a lot about different cultures from all of them.

My Japanese friends taught me how to make Sushi and I’ve already put my new skills to trial and it turned out great. I’m actually planning on visiting them in Japan in the summer and finally see that beautiful country that they had told me about throughout the whole semester.

My Spanish friends also taught me a lot about the history of their country and many beautiful cities in Spain that I need to visit. One day they invited us to a party they had organized where all of the Spanish guys were dressed up in traditional outfits, with a white shirt and a red bandana around their neck. They also prepared some meat for us, “estilo español”. Unfortunately I couldn’t try it because I’m vegetarian, but it looked great! They were playing Spanish music all night long and had invited probably more than 50 people. We all had a great time.

My Argentinian friends also prepared dinner for us one night. One of the girls was absolutely in love with Mate and had brought her Mate cup and straw from Argentina to have us try some. I had never heard of Mate before. It was bitter like coffee but with the consistency of tee. I liked it :)

My German friends make me overcome any homesickness I might ever experience. It is nice to be able to talk in German because neither in Mexico nor in the US do I use my native language, and I can tell that my German is getting worse and worse over time. That’s why I like talking in German and feel a bit closer to my home country where I haven’t lived in a long time since I’m attending university in the US.

Well, and my American friends from the IFSA program are just the funniest bunch I’ve met. They are very nice and we are all getting along great. This semester there is only one boy in the program. Last semester there were three. It’s strange that so few boys come to Mexico because you would think that they are attracted to the beach, the tequila, the adventure and of course the beautiful Mexican women 😉 I’m not sure if it’s because on the IFSA page the Mexico program appears more attractive to girls. My friends and I had a long talk about this, and we cannot quite figure it out. Mexico is the perfect place for girls and boys. There are many adventurous places like the grutas I already talked about or the Cenotes that all the guys love. Usually they will have contests and jump off into the Cenotes from 5 meters high or more. I would definitely recommend the Merida program to any boy because apart from the Grutas and Cenotes, you can also do awesome bike tours, travel to beautiful beaches, play tons of soccer and enjoy the many many fiestas!

These last two semesters have been a very international experience for me and just as my friends have taught me many new things about their home countries I have also encouraged many of my friends to find an interest in Germany as well as the US. :)


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