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This past Sunday I played in my first and last Indoor Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Galway. UCC brought 3 teams to the tournament, and I was on the second team. We were seeded number 5 out of 16 teams and kept our seed, winning fifth place and playing like beasts the whole way to victory!!! And while fifth place doesn’t sound particularly special, we went up against some really good teams and made them fight for their wins. Our team also won the spirit award, and were given some sweet dog tags as a prize. My team even voted my MVP for the tournament, so needless to say it was a great day of ultimate.


I got so much closer to all of my teammates, which is going to make leaving next week that much harder, but it’s so cool knowing I’ll have friends in Ireland whenever I want to come back, which I definitely will. I’m really going to miss the whole dynamic of the team too. They are so organized and so freaking good at frisbee, but also humble and the most welcoming group of girls I could have ever hoped for. I never once felt like a temporary player. I was on the starting lineup for the entire tournament, I got more than enough playing time, and my opinions and advice were even taken into account along with everyone else’s.


And now I’m even a little nervous to go back to my team at UPS because I have no idea what I’ll be walking into. It’s quite nerve-wracking walking into a group of people who, as much as you would like to think otherwise, have not been sitting around crying about how much they miss me. Nope, their lives have been moving forward just like mine has and seeing them again will be so exciting, but also a little intimidating. I just can’t believe I leave next Friday, just 8 more days left in Ireland. I’m thrilled because I’ve been gone form home so long and I miss my friends and my hometown and what I consider to be “normal” school. But it’s also sad because there’s a strong chance I’ll never see these people again. I guess that’s why Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook?


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