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… I went back to Yaxunah and had the most beautiful day! I cannot say it often enough: Try going there as many times as you can because it is a once in a lifetimes experience!

This time I went with another Japanese friend and a girl from China. To get there we need to take the bus to Piste from Merida downtown, which takes about 3h to arrive. It costs 60Pesos one way, which is about 4.5 Dollars. Then we need to take a cab for about 20min, which costs 100 pesos, in our case 33 Pesos each, since we split it between the 3 of us. Once we arrived my friend Victor was already waiting for us. He showed the Chinese girl the Cenote that is right in the entrance of the town, but since she doesn’t know how to swim, we just decided to take pictures of it. Then we started our walk through the actually relatively small town, but it took us forever to walk one block because there were so many wonderful children who approached us.

Right before we had left we had bought lots of candy and little toys in downtown Merida. Where you get off the bus the street is full of little stores that sell candy for piñatas. Since the bags are big the candy is not too expensive, and so we stuffed some in our bags to give to the children. They were incredibly happy. No matter what you give them, they will be happy about it and thank you with a big smile. Of course we also brought along lots of dog food, and as always it was very difficult to watch the poor little starved dogs walk through the streets.

When I walked towards the house where I had stayed for two days last semester, the children were already outside and playing. When they saw me, they stared and yelled: “¿Cómo te llamas?” When they realized it was really me, they came running and hugging me. Also the mom came outside and gave me a big welcome hug. I think we were standing there talking for about an hour, until my friends and I started walking again and noticed that we had about 15 kids around us who would follow us anywhere and tell us so many stories. They were so fascinated by our cameras and umbrellas that they kept on taking hundreds of pictures of each other, so that it was hard to get the camera back. But we managed to take some nice photos of the group, which I will upload below this blog entry. Also, one dog was accompanying us all the time. His name is Bronqui and he watched over the kids all the time. It was very cute :)

A cat that we had already seen last time was waiting for us in front of its house. It was supposingly a few months old, but it was tiny and very starved. We fed it some Whiskas wet food, and once we opened the package the kitten’s mouth was already on the opening trying to get to the food. It must have been very hungry. The kids were jumping and playing and asking us to hug them and lift them up. When suddenly a man with ice cream came cycling around the corner the kids all ran his way, asking us if we could get them some vanilla ice cream. They were jumping and yelling and with their big smiles of course we couldn’t say no. In one of my pictures you can see a little boy, happy as he could be, with his little ice cream cone in his hand. It’s so good to know how happy you can make them with such small things.

I can’t really describe in words what a wonderful experience we had, but it was definitely worth sitting in the bus for hours and getting up early in the morning. I think in the beginning the Chinese girl was a bit concerned because she didn’t know the town was so far away. But I noticed that as soon as she was with the children she understood why we had travelled so far.

I’m so happy we got to see our little friends and they know they have a very special place in our hearts :) I will never ever forget about Yaxunah and its amazing people (and dogs!) 😀


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