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Goodbye Merida :'(

Soon I’m going to have to say goodbye to Merida and all my friends. The last 3 days I’ve been invited to dinner and lunch every day, while trying to cramp in my last final essays before I would have to leave.  My friends’ mothers invited me to lunch and to take one last photo with them (I love Mexican moms! They are so incredibly caring and generous!) Also my host family took me out to have some Pizza and I treated them to dinner at a German restaurant. They absolutely loved it and told me they are going to order their Christmas dinner there.

I’m very sad to have to say goodbye to my host family. They are incredible people, and from stories I’ve heard everyone who has stayed with Doña Silvia was so happy that they never wanted to leave and go back home. Tomorrow they will take me to the airport and I know it’s going to be so hard to say bye. Yesterday my host mom made me my favorite food one more time (Chayote with rice and her amazing beans) and I ate so much even though I wasn’t hungry at all :D)

Yesterday we had a Thanksgiving/Goodbye party at the IFSA-Butler office with Diana and all the host moms. Everyone had a great time and the food was delicious. This is a photo of some of the girls (and Tabor :) the only guy) in the current program.

Right now I’m writing this blog entry with mixed feelings. I’m so sad to have to leave soon, and I’m looking at my room, thinking this can’t be true. The semester passed by so fast :( but on the other hand in 2h I will see my little sponsored child Chepe, who came all the way from Tabasco to see me one more time. We’re going to go to the local feria and I’m sure we’re going to have a great day. Here is the link to the feria:

They have dolphin and horseback riding shows, a musical on ice, a circus, rollercoasters and lots more. This is actually one of the first days I will have to take a sweater with me because it’s getting a little “chilly”(?!) outside (Merida-chilly… 75 degrees Fahrenheit) , so I couldn’t take Chepe to the beach again. But I’m sure my last day in Merida will be amazing!


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