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After leaving

My host parents just dropped me off at the airport, and I’m already missing them. They’ve been very good to me and I will definitely stay in touch with them.

During my time here in Merida I learned a lot about Yucatan, its people and culture. Yucatan is a very proud state and they do have a lot to be proud of. Merida is a beautiful and very peaceful city, and was given the title “Ciudad Blanca” for being one of the cleanest cities in the entire country.

Yesterday I once more had the time to see my wonderful sponsored child and I’m happy that I could spend my last day in Merida with him. He was so happy to see me and gave me lots of drawings and hugs. His mom is pregnant (5th month) and told me something very special. She said that it feels like I’m a part of the family and that if the baby is a girl, it will carry my name. It was the most beautiful thing and I’m so happy to be part of the sponsoring program. In case you are interested, it is called CFCA ( It is so wonderful to sponsor a child and be able to visit it on your study abroad trip. It helps you use the language and moreover, it’s just an amazing experience that will give you lots of happiness.

Here are some photos of the feria and my sponsored boy:

On the feria that Chepe and I went to we got to see two very amazing shows – a dolphin show and a medieval knights show. He was fascinated and loved hopping on roller coasters, watching the shows, and eating sweets. It truly was a wonderful day and it was nice to see the happy Yucatecan families, until I was reminded that Mexico IS a 3rd world country and that behind all the happiness there are still so many problems. We saw lots of little fish that were for sale, but in some tanks the pumps stopped working, so that all the fish in there had died. It was terrible to watch, but nobody seemed to be in charge of it. Also, we entered to a building full of butterflies and the lady in the entrance told us very responsibly that we may not touch the butterflies. But once we entered, we saw huge signs saying “Butterflies for individual sale”. That is even less responsible than touching a butterfly. Why would they just give such a fragile animal to anyone?

So concluding my study abroad experience I had a wonderful time, learned a lot, traveled a lot, saw many beautiful places, met many wonderful people and enjoyed Mexico to the fullest, while I was also always aware that it’s a country with many problems and that you should not close your eyes to the bad things and just look at the good things. It takes a bit of both worlds to really understand and appreciate Mexico! Thank you IFSA-Butler for the wonderful experience!


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