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So Much To Be Thankful For

Considering the Irish don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, my holiday was great! The International Student Office organized a Turkey Day Feast for 150 Americans and the food was surprisingly just as good as it is back at home. Unfortunately there are some traditions that can never be replaced. The awkward arrival of the family friends you only see once a year, the level of drunkenness that becomes more excessive as the night goes on (particularly for the adults), the civil war game even though you don’t really care about football, and of course the dog begging under the table. Being away from home during this time of year makes the homesickness stronger and the countdown that much more painful. But then you realize that you are actually surrounded by people you care about on the holidays, new friends with whom you will remain close with for years to come. Sharing a holiday meal with people I never would have met otherwise is the truest testament to how far I have come as far as making friends and stepping out of my comfort zone is concerned. With only 3 more days in Ireland, I realize my time here was completely worth it. And for me, being able to say that is a big deal. Considering all the friends I have made and new experiences I have had, despite the more-frequent-than-I-would-care-to-admit waves of depression and angst, there is no where I would have rather been for these past three months. And the most exciting thing about leaving, besides the obvious, is that I’ll probably only truly realize how much I have changed once I return to “normalcy”.


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