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Rewind, Revise and Recoup

Fresh out of my last week of lectures and tutorials, it’s time to settle down and study – or, as the Uni students over here say it – ‘REVISE’. In the last stretch of the month, I’ve been looking forward to this week of revision; it means I get one last chance to do this right! For the next couple of weeks, I’ve got three essays to write and one sit-in exam and I am determined to succeed!

In my time of need, friends and family alike have been showing their support through social media; in fact, I Skyped my parents for the first time last week! It was amazing, considering I hadn’t talked to them in so long. Needless to say, they were enthusiastic to see me, wished me luck on my exams and encouraged me to study hard (and of course, they said this along with the usual, ‘are you well-fed?!’ and ‘don’t be spending money on things you don’t need!’). I saw my little brothers, one in elementary school, the other going through his first year of middle school – both inquiring about Christmas presents and my return.

Friends have been messaging me to make sure the Thanksgiving holidays weren’t too lonely. The run up towards Christmas, however, has been stressful. With lack of money and lack of time to buy gifts and presents, essay and exam season isn’t the most exciting time right now. The days have gotten colder, the winds chillier and the trees more bare – and I am sitting here in Starbucks, watching the rain-stricken streets under heavy pressure of essays and exams. All I can think is: this is the final hurdle; time to buckle up and make one last jump over this obstacle and you will have done it!

Here’s a picture of someone’s interpretation of my name while warming myself up with a cup of peppermint mocha at Starbucks! :)


So close, and yet, so far away. Because of finals, I haven’t been too excited to go home. I’m scared of being met with familiar faces but new attitudes. I know that a lot has changed with me, but I’m sure those in the States have changed as well. I wonder what I will tell people when I get back about my study abroad? Ah, it is so awfully disheartening to sum up one’s experience in a few brief words…

I will continue to contemplate as the year of 2013 closes. For now, my mind is on autopilot.



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