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It’s going too fast

I can’t believe my time in London is almost over.  It seems like just yesterday that we arrived in London and had orientation with IFSA.  Unfortunately, for us Americans the last week here isn’t going to be very pleasant.  In England all exams are taken in May.  Since the majority of us will not be here the entire year we have to take our exams this next week.  That means a whole lot of studying and work and not a lot of fun before we have to pack up and leave.

Fortunately my British flat mates have been trying to make the last week and a half exciting for us.  Last week we had a big Thanksgiving dinner together.  Although it wasn’t the same as home it was nice to be surrounded by all my friends.  This weekend my flat is going to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland and the study abroad office has arranged for us associate students to go to a football game.

Although my time in London has almost ended I can definitely say I don’t regret any minute of it.  My flat mates have been lovely, I’ve taken some amazing trips, there’s always fun things to do in London, and with the Holiday Season upon us you can’t help but be cheerful when walking along the Christmas markets!  Our kitchen in our flat is all decorated and is so pretty with the all the lights on.

I will keep you updated with the football game and winter wonderland.

xx, Francesca



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