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I Think it Worked!

Home at last. I have been home now for about a week and a half. Some things are definitely a transition. I keep having to remind myself that tp can go in the toilet and it doesn’t have to go in the garbage. I don’t have to get up early and yet it keeps happening. I started craving gallo pinto (beans and rice) several days ago. The cold here is causing me to curl up with a cat and a blanket all day, we started a cold snap today, it isn’t supposed to get above freezing for over a week. Wish I could still be traveling around Central America every weekend.

But it worked. I can and do now think in Spanish. It is actually a problem. I will be thinking about asking a question and that leads to deciding how to say it in Spanish. Or I will start talking in Spanish only then to realize everyone around me would much rather I spoke English. Not sure how long that will last but it speaks wonders about my time in Costa Rica. Immersion works!


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