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Thanksgiving in Ireland


I’ve never cared too much about Thanksgiving in the past. Christmas was always my favorite holiday. Yes, the break from school, seeing family, and the food is great of course. It just hasn’t been too high up there on my list of things I look forward to every year. It’s strange though living in a country that doesn’t celebrate a holiday that has become so ingrained in your annual routine. While all of my friends in America were going home for the week, I continued to have lectures and studying to do. On the actual day of Thanksgiving, I still had lectures and studying to do. It was just a normal day.

I haven’t had any major problems with being away, it’s been a pretty seamless transition. However, something I’ve noticed is that very small, seemingly inconsequential things can make me miss home. Canned pumpkin. That sounds so ridiculous, but I’ve become very frustrated with the lack of canned pumpkin here. There is an absence of pumpkin flavored foods in general because Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated. Apple crumble is delicious, but I miss pumpkin pie so much. So much.

Thankfully, the International Office at UCC put on a nice dinner for the Americans and anyone else who wanted to join. We had almost all of the traditional food: turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc. Then they asked us Thanksgiving trivia, assuming that as Americans we’d know basic stories and dates. Nope, we were absolutely terrible at it.


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