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A Disastrous Week Abroad

So my last week in Ireland was pretty much a disaster. First, on Monday night, I realized I hadn’t seen my passport since I got to Ireland and I never found it. So I made an appointment at the U.S. embassy in Dublin for the day my plane was due to leave to go back to America. Then on Wednesday, at my last frisbee practice of the year, I tore my ACL going up for a disc and landing wrong. So I was then facing going up to Dublin, travelling to the embassy, and then to the airport, followed by 17 hours on planes…and all on crutches. Luckily IFSA helped me out and took my bags, paid for my train and taxis, and got me through the entire ordeal relatively pain free. But still, talk about bad luck.

And now I have to get surgery in about a month, which means I can’t play frisbee at all when I get back to Puget Sound. It was the one thing I was most looking forward to doing when I got back. I had improved so much playing with the Irish and I had so many ideas and things to teach everyone. Now all I have to look forward is being a captain, which I actually think I’ll be much better at while not being a player at the same time. It’s just a bummer than I’m dealing with surprisingly well. Maybe I did mature in all my time abroad. And maybe I am now able to see the big picture. I still will probably always ask myself “Why. Why me, why my knee, why now?” But if I’ve learned anything these past six months is that most life events have no rhyme or reason, they just are. I may even learn something from this injury. But honestly, I’m getting a little sick of learning life lessons. I would really just like my life to be simple and easy for a change. While I’ve been very lucky to travel and meet the many characters that have come and gone in the past several months, I’m getting tired of the curve balls. I guess at least now that I’m bed-ridden my life will certainly be simple, just not in the way I was hoping.


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