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An Average Day in My Shoes

In a usual week, (and my weeks vary greatly!) I have classes several times a week (one First Year course is usually three times a week, along with mandatory tutorials interspersed between those lectures, while one Fourth Year course is usually just once per week for a couple hours). Reading for these courses take up a chunk of my time (unfortunately), while other times there are special events/socials/gatherings that I often allot time for. I usually work best under a quiet circumstance, so the library basically became a second home to me. As you can imagine, academics is no small factor in determining how time is spent.

Food plays a vital role on how my days go, so I usually plan ahead of time to make sure I have time to cook and eat. Typically, I go grocery shopping the weekend before and plan out meals for the rest of the week. Cooking takes a good hour of my time… for preparation and for cleaning – I take probably ten minutes to eat so as not to waste any time!

I try my best to make time to socialize online, Skype friends and hang out with people (in real life) on my time off. However, I also make a point to go to the gym several times a week – so that makes things difficult.

While in Scotland, I’ve taken a great fancy to the University of Edinburgh’s Boxing club as well as their Muay Thai (thai boxing) club. I strive for attending those classes three times a week, and because they take a lot of time and effort, I have to be as time-efficient as possible. It’s a wonderful way to destress while getting fit! Staying healthy and getting stronger has played a central role in my life for the past couple of years, and I intended to maintain that track record while abroad. Of course, naturally, that means I have to be even more time-conscious.

As my time here dwindles towards finals, I am finding myself settled in more and more at the library here. This is my final full week here in the U.K., so I’m going to try to make it worthwhile!

This was just a general idea of how my day goes – though not incredibly exciting all the time, still very chaotic!



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