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Finals. Ugh.

Here’s what finals mean: studying, then channeling stress into reruns of Friday Night Lights, studying, having popcorn and Ben & Jerry’s for lunch (and your roommates subsequently calling you “such an American”), more Friday Night Lights, paper writing, yoga in the middle of the kitchen, Facebook, resisting the seasons of Game of Thrones sitting conveniently on the desktop because then all studying will surely cease to continue, paper writing, sleeping, more paper writing, and lastly more popcorn.

I am absolutely ready for a break. I’m counting the days until I go to Scotland and Italy for the holidays. It’s strange though, knowing that I have six months left abroad, while most people I know are packing to go home for good. Yes, I will certainly miss all of the great people I met who are only staying for one semester. However, and this is an important however, I’m glad I decided to stay for the year and ALSO they are giving me tons of free stuff. So far, I’ve inherited granola, olive oil, brown sugar, hangers, honey, tea, spaghetti sauce, baking soda, rice, cinnamon, and I’m not finished collecting yet.

I can’t imagine going back to the States now. I don’t think I would be satisfied because there is so much more that I want to do and experience here. It is of course not always easy, but college isn’t easy regardless of if I’m in Ireland or not.



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