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What Are You Most Excited For?

As school finished up, and I said my goodbyes, all my friends asked, “What are you most excited for?”  After much thought, I responded, “I’m most excited for the unexpected.  Although I am very excited to be living in London, traveling elsewhere on breaks and weekends, and meeting lots of people, the best thing always seems to be the unknown!”

Finals week just ended for me, and I drove through the lovely snowstorm on Tuesday night to finally get home and eat real food again!  Per usual, I’ve been spending quality time seeing a few high school friends, watching movies, reading for fun, volunteering and eating clementines.  I will never be apathetic towards traveling; despite the heavy expenses and exhaustive nature, it’s exhilarating, inspiring and fickle. Slowly, I have begun squishing my life into two suitcases and figuring out what I’m missing.  I am so excited to be a student in an amazing city at such a prestigious university, making new friends and getting soaked by London rain.  For the next week and a half, I’ll be busy with lots of packing and goodbyes, and then: LONDON.    Until then, hope everyone is having a great week and Happy Friday!
~ Joanna F.  :)  :)


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