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Just as the ”Honeymoon” period in a new country comes to an end within the first month or so of being there, exams begin after about the first month of study abroad programs in Costa Rica. After an exhilarating week up at Tamarindo, what better to welcome me home than a two question formatted exams in Systems of Investigation and Judicial Reasoning?

I can’t say that there is anything more refreshing to bring me back into studying in Costa Rica than that. What was I up against? 30 percent, two questions, open book, thought-provoking concepts…etc. Once again, I feel like I did on the first day of classes, nervous and uncertain with a rush of questions circulating through my mind-was I ready? Could I do well-in Spanish? Did I know the material? Exam day comes up, I had thoroughly gone through my notes and readings beforehand and I felt pretty confident. I flipped over the white sheet to face my fear and I was relieved, I actually understood the questions and concepts of the prompts. I still had tons of work to do but I had taken one step forward. The exam took me the entire 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete, but I felt like I did alright. The true test will be when the exam is returned to me…so until then, let me enjoy my peace!

This week was Semana Universitaria (University Week) where there are tons of things to do from bull riding to playing street soccer. As I walked around this week, I saw about 5 different street soccer tournaments, a full soccer game, a mechanical bull, paintballing, jugglers, musicians, concerts, jewelry and clothes being sold, tons of food, candy and students. Students filling the main quad in the front of the university, filling the passage ways between buildings for music and events and soccer and students filling the bars and dance clubs. The highlight of the week is that although some classes are still being held, the professors are not allowed to have exams! That was a relief for me to hear, I would get another break before my next big test…

The tale does not end just yet because low and behold, next week I have another exam, only this time, in Introduction to Law. This should be equally amusing with 4 open-ended questions on about 5 chapters and 6 weeks of notes that accounts for 30 percent of my final grade! Wish me luck! Amazingly, I think I will be ready for it…


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