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Meet Alicen Lewis: Ireland

So, this is my first post, and to be perfectly honest, I’m terrified to go abroad.  I’ve been outside the US a total of one time, and that was for less than 24 hours to Mexico.  But enough about my fear, here’s a little about me:  My name is Alicen Lewis, I am a Junior and a Media Studies major at Scripps College in Claremont, California, and I love technology, feminism, and general geeky things (if you also have an interest in any of those things, you should totally shoot me a message!) I will be studying abroad at University College Cork in Ireland, and would love to hang out if you will also be there!

Back to the fear (because honestly that’s what’s preoccupying my mind right now).  I’ve A. Never lived anywhere where I didn’t have a close friend near by B. Never lived anywhere where it goes below 35 degrees Farenheit C. Only been out of the country once (as mentioned above).  Despite these fears, I’ve also never been so excited to go on an adventure.  I look forward to really being able to explore my surroundings and discover both myself and the country, so wish me luck!


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