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Los Viajes Finales

I’m leaving Mexico tomorrow morning which means right now I am lying in a pile of mostly dirty clothes and filled notebooks trying to figure out how to fit them all into my suitcase and what the best way to smuggle Cuban cigars back into the US is. I’ve been here a third of a year / four months / 18 weeks / 125 days and have so many feelings about leaving and very little time to process them. Let’s not talk about feelings, though, let’s talk about the last week in which I traveled to Mexico City and Oaxaca!

I traveled to Mexico City and Oaxaca! I don’t have nearly as much time as I would like to talk about them, but I’ll try to do the best I can using lists instead of actual descriptions. Two of my best friends from home flew down to travel with me which was super much fun. The D.F. is amazing and felt really familiar and comfortable to me in that it’s very similar to New York, only a batrillion times the size.

Some highlights of our stay in the D.F. include:

  • Spending a day walking around Chapultepec, one of the largest parks in the Western Hemisphere consisting of 1,695 acres and located in the middle of Mexico City. We got to go to both the castillo and the museo that are in the park too!
  • Checking out the Centro Histórico at night.
  • Going out to a salsa club called El Mojito.
  • Finding a super cool, cheap feria with lots of rollercoasters.
  • Trying this weird drink called pulque that Mexico City is famous for.  Pulque is thick and tingly and tastes somewhat like sour yeast.  It also apparently continues fermenting in your stomach.  The more you know!

Oaxaca is beautiful and reminded me a lot of Chiapas in that both cities are small and colorful and surrounded by mountains.  Some highlights of Oaxaca:

  • Going to El Tule, the biggest tree in the world that is over 2,000 years old and whose trunk literally couldn’t be captured by my iPhone camera.
  • Walking around the incredibly overwhelming mercado.
  • Trying tlayudas and enmoladas, both of which are super yum.
  • Learning how algodón and mezcal are made on two different tours.
  • Walking up to the Hierve el Agua to see absolutely breathtaking mountains.

After a 24-hour bus ride I’m back in Mérida, which feels like home, trying to enjoy my last moments before I’m back to my other, much colder, much busier home where I’ll be left missing it here.


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