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Nuevo Año y Viejo Lugar

Happy 2014, world! I’ve been home exactly two weeks but it feels like I left Mexico ages ago. I have just as many feelings about my study abroad experience as when I was leaving and they remain unprocessed, despite having an abundance of thinking time now. My friend who studied abroad last spring said she’s only just beginning to believe it happened and still hasn’t begun to analyze her time there… so I’m taking it easy. While for the most part home is the same as ever, I have retained some aspects of my life in Mexico; my madre and I have been emailing and I’ve been in touch with my IFSA-Butt and Mexican friends as well; I excitedly started talking in Spanish to the receptionist at my doctor’s office when I found out she was from Mexico and she told me I have a Yucatecan accent; I still occasionally forget that I can throw toilet paper into the toilet here and end up having to reach back into the garbage can to properly dispose of it. #thingsiwantontheinternet

This is my last blog post and I thought I’d briefly review the to-do list I made at the very beginning of my time in Mérida, four months ago.

  • Go to Oaxaca (beautiful, cultural city with lots of sights and crafts and foods) –> beautiful, check
  • Take Salsa classes –> all of September, check
  • Teach English –> once a week the whole time, check
  • Go to at least five different beaches –> Holbox, Progreso, San Crisanto, Sisal, y Trinidad
  • Go to Chichén Itzá (huge Maya site, one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”) –> and four other ruinas, check
  • Learn to cook at least a full day’s worth of Yucatecan meals –> my madre gave me a cooking book as a farewell regalo in addition to teaching me throughout the semester, check
  • Go to a cenote –> check, check, check, and check

I managed to accomplish everything on my to-do list (which is by far the most satisfying feeling del mundo) and also travel to la Ciudad de México, Cuba, Chiapas, Yaxuná, and explore my little city of Mérida exhaustively. Now it’s time to sign off so I can go cook Mexican food with my family (because that is all I want to eat ever) and bundle up to go for a walk in the cold afuera of New York City. Thanks for reading this blog! It’s been an adventure, de veras.




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