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Onward and Southeastward: Why Blog Abroad?

First off I’d like to welcome you to this blog. Here I will lead readers through a whole semester of my studies in Brisbane, Australia. On the surface, readers can expect pictures of beautiful scenery as well as (hopefully) eloquent encapsulations of my travels and experiences. However, follow this blog closely and readers can expect to be transported into the Australian experience. Now I’m obviously not exactly sure what that experience will entail, but by following this blog one will meet intriguing Australians, taste unique cuisines, travel to distant lands, and learn things they would have never though they’d learn of.


I would like to achieve more than just creating a document of a trip, what I would like to do is join two worlds. I want people following my travels to live what I’m living and understand a totally different culture through my eyes. To do this, I would as that if you find yourself reading this blog, that you let me know and keep in touch through comments or by other means of contact. Ask questions, request photos, give me ideas, and most of all enjoy the experience.


I will depart in the middle of February. Until then, ¬†feel free to contact me with your experiences in Australia or other parts of the world. I’m incredibly excited to head down under and I hope that, by following this blog, you enjoy the journey as much as I can.


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