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the one with the recap

First real blog about my thoughts and feelings and everything nice.

It feels like I have been here for way longer than 2 weeks, nonetheless, I am enjoying every minute of it. I do have to confess, although the whole British accent is attractive and make you awe, it can be quite hard to understand at times, especially someone who is from northern England or Ireland. I am slowly picking up the phrases they use. Porridge=oatmeal. Learned that today, no wonder why I haven’t been able to find instant oatmeal at any grocery stores.

A little bit of back tracking, to talk about pre-Queen Mary.

norfolk plazaWe stayed at the Norfolk Plaza Hotel in central London. Sam and I are standing in front of it in the picture on the left. We used the tube almost everyday. Tubes, I have learned, are the primary means of transportation. Being in central London for a couple days was wonderful, it gave us a chance to experience the city life before we left for our respective universities. I have never lived in a city that was large enough to utilize public transportation. I was even too scared to use the CAT bus at Clemson. It was either learn to use the tube, or walk. Well, actually, I have never walked so much before! Londoners walk everywhere, which probably make up for their lack of daily exercise.

Video coming soon on orientation and settling in


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