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Lo in London

After a 4 hour flight delay (on NYE), a few inches of snow, & lugging 90 pounds of luggage through the tube, I have finally arrived in London (& received 3,000 extra American Airlines miles, thanks for that AA)! Not going to lie- I thought I was going to pass out along the way. I’ve been here for a total of three days & can confidently say I love my roommates (I have two who are uhhhh-maaaazing), housemates, house, neighborhood… okay, I just love London. I am ridiculously lucky to be living in such an amazing neighborhood with such amazing people. I am the only person from my American university on IFSA Butler- Birkbeck so I had major anxiety about meeting people and making friends, but I really do love the people & this city (I could say it about a million times & probably will).

Anywho, we live in a BEAUTIFUL home (I would say mansion- worth over 3 million pounds, that is close to $6 mil) in Notting Hill. Just to give you an idea of how amazing my neighborhood is… Simon Cowell lives down the road, Stella McCartney (Paul McCartney’s daughter and fashion designer) lives two doors down, & Kate Moss & Jude Law supposedly live in the neighborhood too. If I don’t become one of their nannies for the children by the end of this I will never forgive myself…

We start school on Tuesday so most of our time has been spent at orientation and exploring the city. The tube system has been super easy to use and I (luckily) haven’t gotten lost yet. I also put a UK SIM into my American phone so I am lucky enough to have data, internet, texting, etc… so it has been easy to not get lost & even easier to keep in touch with friends & family. I don’t think it has hit me yet that I won’t be coming home for a while, but I really haven’t had time to be homesick because I have been constantly exploring, meeting people, & loving this city! I will write more when I have a bit more time, but we are off to explore & pub it up for the night (let’s hope that’s a real thing here)… Cheers to a new year (& getting engaged to Harry Styles)!


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