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Back in the U.S. of A

I’m home! After a ten hour uncomfortable flight from a gorgeous 80 degrees Fahrenheit Buenos Aires to an approximately 35 degrees Fahrenheit Atlanta, GA, I arrived home.

Oh Buenos Aires, I was not prepared to say goodbye.Reflecting on my trip, I can sincerely say I loved it! It was not prefect,but I am blessed it was not because as a result of the hardships I know I have grown as a person and I am loving the person I am becoming. For the first few days home I was okay in Atlanta. I was kept busy surrounded by my loved ones, but then I began to miss my friends. It felt strange to know I couldn’t simply contact them to go to get a drink, eat or to chill out and walk a few blocks or take my favorite collectivo 152 (bus 152) to meet them. It felt unrealistic, that almost five months had passed and that I lived in Argentina for all that time. I didn’t want to and I want to go back.

Some may ask what specifically I miss about it, but the truth is that it’s not only one specific thing, but it’s the combination of each aspect of its culture. One, I definitely miss my liberty which being home is not the same because living under my parents’ roof still means their rules. I enjoy my liberty, but I enjoyed what I could do and would do with my days. I had finally made some strong friendships and loved spending time with them. Now at home I am blessed to spend time with my family. Back home I felt a bit out of placed. My family was overjoyed to have me home and I spoke to them about some studying abroad stories, but truthfully they are so many that many slipped my mind. At first I would expand on my experience, but as time has passed sadly I avoid speaking as much about Argentina to my family because I don’t want to be that person that only speaks about their study abroad experience once home. It was great to reunite with my friends, especially my girl friends because we all studied abroad during our fall semester and reunited to share or stories. Being away from campus actually makes me miss Brandeis campus, because I wait anxiously to reunite with all my friends.

Trying to reflect on my abroad experience is like a complicated puzzle because as hard as I may try to explain my experience I give different responses each time and feel different sensations. All I know is I would do it all over again if given the chance.


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  1. Megan Says:

    I think missing Argentina is a sure sign of a successful experience abroad! Knowing a place so well and making it your home displays how well you were able to adapt to your new environment and were able to navigate BA like a local. Surrounding yourself with others who studied abroad is a great way to keep your experience fresh in your mind and I am sure being back a Brandeis will provide further opportunities to share your experience so others can be inspired to follow in your footsteps. Megan

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