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I Didn’t Try the Haggis

My first solo adventure to a foreign country went pretty smoothly. Here’s a long list of things I was able to see/experience in a mere three days and four nights.

  • Stayed in an 18 person male/female hostel room. Most nights, earplugs were necessary to drown out the snoring, but one glorious night it was just me and 17 empty beds. Yes it was a bit eerie, however it was also very quiet.
  • Went to my first true European Christmas market. While Cork makes its best effort, it doesn’t really compare to Edinburgh’s market.
  • Hiked to the summit of Arthur’s Seat and not get blown over by extreme winds.
  • Visited the Portrait Gallery, Modern Art Gallery, and National Gallery
  • Ate slow roasted pork from a place called Oink where I actually saw the skewered pig that my sandwich came from.
  • Drank mulled wine at the Elephant House cafe, where JK Rowling used to write ideas for Harry Potter on napkins.
  • Climbed steps to get to the top of Colton Hill. That’s where I saw the best view of Edinburgh.
  • Took a daylong bus tour of the Scottish Highlands and obviously didn’t see the Lochness monster
  • Managed to avoid getting lost
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