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Va Molto Bene

Next on my winter break tour was a trip to Italy to meet my family for Christmas. I need to go back there someday because there is SO much more to see. It’s at the top of the list for places that I’ve traveled for sure. It was great because I just got to show up and follow a meticulously planned itinerary that brought us to Venice, Vicenza, Padova, Bologna, Milan, and Verona in only a week.

  • I got to practice my Italian and remembered much more than I had anticipated. It was nice being able to communicate with locals during our most frequent emergencies: getting lost and ordering food.
  • We ate so many good things all the time. Our short stint in Bologna was essentially just for eating their specialties- prosciutto, parmesan, balsamic vinegar, and tortellini.
  • Attended mass on Christmas at the Basilica San Marco and saw the Cardinal, complete with altar boys to lift robes and adjust sashes.
  • Did lots of browsing and some purchasing in Venice’s glass and mask shops.
  • Saw theĀ Last SupperĀ in Milan and apparently it’s painted on an old church wall, not a canvas. Who knew?
  • Saw about twenty other beautiful and ancient churches that put our United States-centric perspective of history and architecture to shame.
  • Took an elevator to the top of a bell tower in Verona and witnessed the best sunset.
  • Didn’t take a picture on Juliet’s balcony, it totally wasn’t worth it.
  • Traveled by boat to get to places in Venice because that’s a thing.
  • Realized how much more efficient and comfortable the Italian railway system is from the American one.
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