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Barcelona- week 2

This week has been amazing! I do still love life here. I just love how relaxed everyone is in Spain- you can do what you what, and a lot of people don’t care if you do it on your own time. People eat really late, and actually care about their food and their people. No one eats in the streets , or in the car “on the go” here- natives really want to order, sit down, have courses, and socialize over an hour long lunch. Relationships seem to really be cultivated. For example, I see old couple still holding hands, couples stealing kisses when they can, and when you greet someone, you kiss both of their cheeks (or touch cheeks, more like)- so endearing and inviting.

Another thing I love about Spain is that everywhere you go, there is something to look at. Architecture is the biggest thing, because buildings are all different, and many different colors. Plus, if you live in an excellent neighborhood like Gracia (which I am lucky enough to say that I do), everything is just beautiful and central to the city. I don’t think I have taken so many pictures of buildings in my entire life, but hey, it’s Europe.

So, this week I started my internship! So far it has been really good. I intern for a company called International Policy Group, and am doing marketing/research for them. I work Monday and Wednesday from 9-5, with an hour for lunch. I have researched this one topic category, and gave it to my boss, who loved it and said that was exactly what she was looking for :) I also made friends with another intern from Britain. We had lunch together on Wednesday, and he showed me this cute place where I got a salmon, avocado, cream cheese sandwich for pretty cheap! I celebrated my first day at my internship with going out that night with friends :)

Another thing that is cool about Barcelona is that you can go on a random adventure, even alone, and still have fun. I went to a place that Sam (the other intern) told me to go- with a “better view of Barcelona than Parc Guell.” Los Bunkers del Carmel is the name- apparently it is an abandoned war zone that has cement blocks overlooking the city. I would love to go there at sunset and have a picnic- we will see! I tried to find it, got a little lost, but still found a beautiful hill to climb and snapped a picture.

Classes are great so far. I am taking two- International Marketing Strategies and Spanish 1. My entire Spanish class is in Spanish, which for the very beginning level is a little… different. We are going pretty fast but I am excited to learn the language! Here, university is pretty chill. You call professors by their first name, and you don’t have much to do unless it is project time/final exam time. So, with that, I haven’t been too stressed :)

I went to a cooking class this week! It was so fun! We met our chef Manel at the marketplace on La Rambla, and he showed us some of the good places to get food. There are stands for just potatoes, or mushrooms, and a lot of fresh fish and fruits and vegetables! So good! So we bought pork, rabbit, and chicken, among other things, for our cooking class. We went back to the shop and started to cook! We had a delicious Spanish omelette, meat paella, and custard desert. It was great to cook it and eat it.

My favorite food this week was definitely at this place called Brunch and Cake. My friend Sammy and I split eggs benedict on waffles, and then a sandwich with cheese, mushrooms, caramelized apples, onions, spinach, and nuts. For desert, we had pancakes under melted chocolate, fruit, powdered sugar, and nuts. It was so good that no dinner was needed. We sat outside, under a blanket, facing a beautiful building, and lived the dream. We decided every Sunday we will do that- have brunch somewhere nice.

One night after walking home from a free museum (on Sundays, a lot are free, so hey, why not get cultured about a new city every week) and going out with friends for churros dipped in chocolate, I saw a street quartet jamming to Pachabel’s cannon- one of my favorites. It didn’t matter that it was raining, or on a Sunday night. What mattered was the beautiful music in a beautiful city <3

This week, I went to BlingBling, Sala Apolo, Ottozutz, Sutton, Hot Bar, and Soho. All great nightlife areas, and definitely places to go to if you’re looking for some fantastic fun within walking distance.

I am going to Ripoll next week, and booked my trip to Portugal in a couple of weeks! So excited for what is to come!


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