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My Date with Harry Potter

Another week has come & gone in London town & I swear the the days go by faster here than in America‚ĶOkay, I didn’t actually go on a date with HP (or did I?) but I need to start being creative to suck you all in to read my blog… Anywho, the highlight of this week was going to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour with my housemates. It is expensive (30 pounds for a ticket), but worth every pence. I dusted up on my wizardry skills & drank some Butterbeer (which is actually really good). ¬†Moral of the story- if you ever get the opportunity to do the HP Studio Tour, do it!

Besides that, school is finally picking up & after I’m done writing this post I am going to have to study for a little while (study? What is studying??). I’m lucky that I’m still interested in the classes I am taking & tomorrow I actually get to go on a tour of the BBC! I’m a dork, but really looking forward to it.

With every day that passes here I seem to love it more. I am slowly feeling less like a “tourist” and more like a “local.” I am slowly but surely finding out all the best & cheapest places to eat, finally received my student Oyster card, & am just awaiting my student discount card (who said you can’t get good deals in London Town?).

I can’t believe I have been here three weeks already- life is really flying by here. To everyone at home (or abroad) that I haven’t kept in touch with- I am so sorry but life has just been going by at 1,000 mph here. Thank you for still keeping up with me & reading my blog, I miss you all a lot & just because I am bad at using my cell phone doesn’t mean I don’t miss you all! Anyway, this is turning into an awkward acceptance speech & I am late for my lunch date with Kate & Will. X’s & O’s.


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