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Pre-departure – Only 10 days to go!

Hello Everyone!

So for my first post I would like to start off by introducing myself. As I am sure you have already read my name is Nickie Hough. I am from Cody, Wyoming- a teeny town in the northwestern corner of the least populated state in the US. Being from such a rural area I felt the need to roam and see the world especially the UK (and Scotland in particular). So when it came time to go to college I leapt at the opportunity to go somewhere outside of my little corner of the world. I found my niche at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. As you can probably imagine moving from a town of 9,000 to a city of 189,000 was a bit of a shock. So here I was in this city at a college where I knew absolutely no one and I felt completely lost. I did get into the swing of things after a short time and I felt like I had successfully adjusted to college life, but it was really difficult being away from home. As time wore on and I became comfortable with my place in SLC, but I got this need for travel again and decided “Hey I should study abroad.” Now I’m here, in my room writing the first entry of a weekly blog about my trip. It is the strangest feeling knowing that all my friends are back in school now and I am at home preparing for what will be the longest and most exciting adventure of my life. Right now it really hasn’t sunk in much that I will be leaving the country and sort of going through my freshman year all over again. I will be the first to admit I am a bit of a control freak and not knowing what my life will be like when I go to Scotland has me terrified. But, for some odd reason, I am ok with that. In fact the not knowing aspect is partly what made me want to do this in the first place. So here I go off into the unknown. I hope to keep sharing the good times and of course pictures, but for now I am going to figure out what to pack and keep reading my guide books. Stay tuned…


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