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Taking a Step Back

Exams are finally over! After three long weeks of looking over notes, rereading journal articles, and stressing out beyond belief, I can finally relax. I am pretty confident that I passed all three of them, but definitely not with extraordinary marks. All of my exams consisted of two essay questions, and on each exam, I did really well on one of the essays but not so well on the other. So hopefully it all evens out in the long run. I think I find out my results sometime next week or so.

Last week, Caitriona’s friend Yoon flew over from Manchester and spent a few days with us. We went to the city one day to do some shopping and to kind of show him around Belfast. There was a little bit of miscommunication the night we were supposed to go out and our group ended up going to two different places! But overall, it was really great getting to have him as our guest. Hopefully he can find some time in the future to fly back over here.


The new Americans from IFSA flew in last week and we have been able to go out a couple times together. I feel special because I get to tell them all the little tips and tricks about being here, from basic stuff like what certain words or phrases mean to which towns or cities are best to visit. Even though they have only been here a few days, I really enjoy having other Americans around that I can hang out with. Sometimes you just need people you can associate with better when you are feeling homesick or alienated.

Speaking of homesickness, I am experiencing some of that right now. I have been back in Belfast for about three weeks and I am glad to be back, but I wish I would have had more than two weeks at home with my parents and friends. My parents are coming to visit in April but it still sucks knowing that I have to wait another four and a half months to see all of my friends back in Washington. It really makes you appreciate the small amount of time you have with them when you are home.

131 more days.


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